Bucket list 2018

  1. get the tattoo- the sketch I have in my wallet for years.
  2. yoga class.
  3. have a new boyfriend.
  4. do a lot of movie marathons. lord of the rings, star wars, star trek, matrix, harry potter, romantic comedies and more.
  5. go to a board game night.
  6. go to a facebook group meet.
  7. start walking in the park once a week. 
  8. wall climbing. 

I am going to do something new- every month I am going to visit this list and choose one goal.


Bucket list 2017

  1. Graduation from college- and this time I really mean it!-
  2. horse back riding- there is no one to go with me 😦
  3. maybe meet H. maybe. got over him.. there is no rush to  meet with him.
  4. find a place to volunteer .  no time, but I work with autistic  kids and it feels alright for now.
  5. get the tattoo- the sketch I have in my wallet for years.——> next year 
  6. start studying for my diploma
  7. go on dates
  8. dance lessons- no time.
  9. meditation– going to start soon with yoga

Bucket list 2016

  1. Graduation from college—> not going to happen, one more year special for losers like me.  what is one year anyway?
  2. horse back riding —no money. no companions and winter is coming…
  3. have sex with at least 2 men. and where would i meet them? tinder? 
  4. find the hot springs and go swimming —only two months to try that... missed that one. but I could always visit the north.
  5. re-furniture my childhood room— the room is so small and my family still suck- what the hell does it matter?  got a new reading chair!
  6. read 35 books —-don’t have money for books  to busy in the real world
  7. meet H again, and maybe tell him, or maybe not. so far– not happening. I like him to much to tell him.
  8. get super drunk, can’t-walk kind of drunk. i should do that when everyone finish collage and I had to stay.  overated.
  9. find a place to volunteer with spicial-ed kids. 
  10. find a job in the learning disabilities field.
  11. get the tattoo- the sketch I have in my walletfor months.
  12. plan my trip to europe- get the funds.  got back from a one month trip to Italy. 

what is the point anyway????—–> Let’s do this!!! one month!!