I have this creature inside me and he just want to get out, to see the world, to have crazy adventures.

but he is locked. he’s trapped in the cables of routine and normality.

and sometimes he gets a break, just for a few minutes and then he is free, and happy and he sings and laugh.

but later, he comes back to reality.

and the rest is just dreams.
I want to get out of here, I always wanted that. I dreamt of traveling and experiencing and living.

but there were always the locks. the things that were in the way.

lately I’m beginning to realize that the locks are in my head. I can do anything i wish to.

my mind is just not strong enough. so I made up excuses for being alone, for being here,

for never living the life I always wanted. just because I am scared to get out from here.

but what can I do about it?


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